The Intersection of Business and Environmental Responsibility

It’s pretty straightforward: Events use huge amounts of power and power has a huge environmental cost. Consumers and sponsors are clamoring for smart environmental practices and businesses are in a position where they must respond. The events industry is taking small steps in the right direction. Carbon credits, soy-based ink and recycling are held up as examples of all the good we’re doing, but these fixes are a drop in the ocean for an event’s carbon footprint.

We need to think about power.

Currently there is a push in the power industry to “go green,” yet the industry standard is “80/20” -20% biodiesel to 80% diesel. GreeNow is setting a new precedent by providing equipment that uses B100 (Pure Biodiesel), all but eliminating the environmental impact of producing power for your events. This level of responsibility is good. That’s a win for the sponsor, a win for the environment and a win for you.

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